As a French Wedding Photographer based in Nice, French Riviera, I feel very grateful each time a couple trusts me to capture their proposal. Today, I'm happy to show you this sweet American couple, Rachael and Camron, whose proposal took place during Summer 2023, in Nice. The South of France and Provence are known for their gorgeous seashores, the 'French Art de Vivre' and 'Dolce Vita' vibes, thanks to their closeness with Italy. Thus, it makes a perfect location for people asking the hand of their beloved one!

Cameron reached out to me a month before their planned vacation in Nice and we came out with a strategy so that his girlfriend Rachael, wouldn't find out about the surprise. The plan was that he booked a souvenir photoshoot with me and once we started the session, I would give him the signal, which was: 'stand back to back, looking right in front of you as long as I don't tell you to turn around'. This would give Camron enough time to get the ring out of his pocket and prepare for the big moment. I assure you, my legs are shaking each time I do a proposal photoshoot, because of excitement, stress and emotions!

Then, I told them to face each other again, and voilà! Rachael didn't see it coming and the surprise was a success.

At this moment, I usually take a step back and let the couple fully live the moment. They are feeling so many emotions that I don't even need to guide them: they naturally hug, cry, laugh and show each other so much love that it makes great photos.

After the climax was passed, we did some couple photos in this amazing location, which is called 'La Réserve de Nice'. The sun was setting, offering us this perfect golden light.

Cameron and Rachael were thrilled by the result and so was I!

If you are planning to propose you soulmate in Nice or around too, feel free to reach out here! I'd be so honored to capture this special moment for you!